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Jim Garrison was the District Attorney in New Orleans.

In January of 1967 a newspaper woman named Rosemary James reported that Garrison was Secretly Re-Investigating the JFK Assassination.

Before getting into ANY thing else.......

Because Garrison had Subpoena Power we Now have the Film that was NEVER going to be seen Publicly, the Zapruder Film.

We were told by Gov't/Media from the beginning that at the fatal head shot Kennedy's "Head went Forward with Considerable Violence". see Zapruder page.

Dan Rather of CBS also told us "the head goes forward with considerable violence" leading us to believe the shot came from the rear.  (see Rather Lies page)

Garrison and his investigation were attacked and sabotaged by Gov't/Media from Day one.

At least two States Governors refused to honor Garrison's Extradition requests for Gordon Novel (connected to CIA) for material witnesses. Gov. James Rhodes of Ohio & Gov. Ronald Reagan of California.

Years later the same Gordon Novel showed up with Henry Kissenger stating that all he needs to is "drive by the White House" with his electronic equipment and, Erase the Oval Office Tapes for Nixon.


They charged Garrison with having connections to organized Crime & Lost. Neglecting to mention that Garrison got elected for throwing out the Mobs slot machines.

After FAILING to prove those charges, the Government charged Garrison with Income Tax Evasion on the bribe money he never took.

I usually refer to these things as "Your Tax Dollars at Work".

Below is Plan to Discredit Garrison by NBC.


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