WR pg.79 "Searching that area he found at approximately 1:12 p.mů.

three empty cartridge cases on the floor near the window."


 What they DON"T tell us is that one of these shell casings was so badly dented that it couldn't possibly have been fired from the rifle found on the 6th floor nor could it possibly have been damaged to that extent after ejection by striking the wooden floor or a cardboard box. This is perfectly evidenced on page 91 of Dallas Police Chief Jesse Curry's book "JFK ASSASSINATION FILE."  (page 91) FBI Report dated November 23, 1963.


  Q1   Bullet from stretcher

  Q2   Bullet fragment from front seat

  Q3   Bullet fragment from beside front seat

  Q4   Metal fragment from President's head

  Q5   Metal fragment from President's head

  Q6   6.5 mm Manlicher_Carcano cartridge case from building 

  Q7   6.5 mm Manlicher_carcano cartridge case from building

  Q8   6.5 mm Manlicher_Carcano cartridge from rifle                 

  Q9   Metal fragment from arm of Governor John Connolly             

  Q10 Wrapping paper in shape of large bag                     

  Q11 Suspect's shirt

  Q12 Blanket

  Q13 Bullet from officer Tippett




 CE 2011 (XXIV 411) Describes the 3 shell casings found under the 6th floor window in the following manner:


 On June 9, 1964, Lieutenant J.C.Day of the Crime Laboratory, Dallas Police Department, Dallas Texas , was exhibited three rifle cartridge cases, C6, C7 and C38 by Special Agent Vincent E. Drain of the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Lieutenant Day related that he went to the sixth floor of the Texas School Book Depository, Dallas Texas immediately after the shooting of President Kennedy on November 22, 1963. Lieutenant Day arrived at the Texas School Book Depository building at 1:12 pm. He advised he observed these three rifle cartridge cases, C6, C7 and C38, lying on the floor near a window on the sixth floor of the Texas School Book Depository Building . These cartridge cases were dusted for fingerprints by him, placed in an envelope, and delivered to the Dallas Police Department.


 On November 22, 1963 Lieutenant Day stated he wrote his name on all three of the cartridge cases. On November 22, 1963 two of the rifle cartridge cases, C6 and C7 were given to Special Agent Drain for delivery to the Federal Bureau of Investigation Laboratory, Washington, D.C., for examination.


 Lieutenant Day stated that on November 27, 1963, rifle cartridge case C38 was given to special Agent Drain for delivery to the Laboratory of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, Washington , D.C. for examination.


 (Volume XXIV pg. 252) CE 2003

This is a list of evidence released to the FBI from our crime lab 11/26/63 (ITEM #9) 2_SPENT 6.5 HULLS (found under window)


 On page 95 of Curry's book another FBI Report dated March 31, 1964 alludes to Three (3) Tippit bullets:


  "C251 Bullet from officer Tippit  (No. 1)"

  "C252 Bullet from officer Tippit  (No. 2)"

  "C253 Bullet from officer Tippit  (No. 3)"


 If Q13 is the fourth Tippit bullet they apparently sent the 4th one FIRST. Then complicated things by designating Q's and C's for the same evidence.







 (WR 172) States that one bullet taken from officer Tippit match Oswald's 38 "TO THE EXCLUSION OF ALL OTHER WEAPONS"




 (WR 559) "The .38 had been RECHAMBERED for a .38 Special cartridge, it had not been REBARRELED for a .38 Special bullet. The barrel was therefore slightly oversized for a .38 Special bullet, which has a smaller diameter than a .38 S&W bullet. This would cause the passage of a .38 Special bullet through the barrel to be eratic, resulting in inconsistent microscopic markings."  


 (Curry pg. 84) Homicide report stating that Tippit was shot THREE   (3) times.

 (Curry pg. 95) FBI report stating that Tipit was shot THREE (3)  times.




        BADA-BING                                   BADA-BOOM

4 bullets=                                                      4 casings=

3 Winchester_Western                            2 Winchester_Western

1 Remington-Peters                                2 remington-Peters    


5. The Dallas Police radio logs printed in Volume XXI pp. 396-7 tell us that the casings found at the Tippit murder scene were from an "AUTOMATIC." and that the weapon used in the Tippit murder was an "AUTOMATIC."


 CAN YOU IMAGINE WHAT A DEFENSE ATTORNEY COULD DO WITH THIS "EVIDENCE" IN A COURT ROOM ? (Or, a first year Law Student for that matter. Unless of course his/her First Major was PROSTITUTION.)

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