Sylvia Odio was a Cuban Exile from a prominent Family living in Dallas.

She testified that In late September 1963 Oswald along with two Cubans visited her home soliciting funds for Anti-Castro Cuban Organizations connected to the CIA.

A day or two later one of the Cubans called her on the phone & stated that the American "Leon Oswald was a former Marine and an expert shot.

The Cuban also told her that Oswald said that Kennedy should be shot for abandoning the Cubans at the Bay of Pigs Fiasco.

They could NOT have Oswald talking about Killing Kennedy in advance while with Anti-Castro Cubans.  So, They Invented the Mexico City Scenario   See Mexico page.

The Warren Report said that the three men visiting Sylvia Odio were Loran Hall, Lawrence Howard (both Cuban looking) and Billy Seymour. (as Oswald) 

All three were connected to CIA as far back as the Bay of Pigs Fiasco.

Years later all three Denied that it was them at Sylvia Odio's.

WCR Supporters claim that during this time frame Oswald was in Houston making a phone call to the Twiffords.


  Senor AZCUE. Yes, sir, not so close to the date, not in the first few days, not immediately thereafter. Some time I calculate approximately-and I say this because I am not a great movie fan, but it was in mid-December approximately--I saw at that time the film in which Ruby appears assassinating the Oswald who was there, and I was not able to identify him and only 2 months had gone by since I had seen the Oswald who appeared at the consulate. And I had a clear mental picture because we had had an unpleasant discussion and he had not been very pleasant to me and I did not recognize when I first saw him. I did not recognize Oswald.

                The man who went to the consulate was a man over 30 years of age and very thin, very thin faced. And the individual I saw in the movie was a young man, considerably younger, and a fuller face.

                Mr. CORNWELL. What color hair did the individual have to the best of your memory who visited the consulate?

                Senor AZCUE. He was blond, dark blond.

                Mr. CORNWELL. Did the individual you saw in the movie, the person who was killed by Jack Ruby, resemble more closely the individual in these photographs to your memory than the individual who visited the consulate?

                Senor AZCUE. I believe so.

                Mr. CORNWELL. I would like to show you JFK exhibit F-434. Do the representatives from the National Archives have the original or a small photograph of that exhibit?



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                While they are looking, Mr. Chairman, I believe we neglected to ask that JFK exhibit F-407 be admitted into evidence.

                Chairman STOKES. Without objection it may be entered into evidence.

                [The information follows:]



 JFK EXHIBIT F-407                         




                Mr. CORNWELL. That is a passport. May we have that exhibit admitted into evidence, Mr. Chairman, JFK F-434?

                Chairman STOKES. Without objection it may be entered into evidence.

                [The information follows:]



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                Mr. CORNWELL. Did the individual who visited the consulate look like that individual?

                Senor AZCUE. No.

                Mr. CORNWELL. What differences were there?

                Senor AZCUE. Many differences. The individual who visited the consulate is one whose physiognomy or whose face I recall very clearly. He had a hard face. He had very straight eyebrows, cold, hard, and straight eyes. His cheeks were thin. His nose was very straight and pointed. This gentleman looks like he is somewhat heavier, more filled, his eyes are at an angle with the outside of his






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eye, at an angle with his face. I would have never identified him or recognized him.

                I believe I can recall with fairly good accuracy the individual in such a way that I could recognize him now in a group of 100, that is better than a photograph of him because obviously during a period of 15 years he might change. I think I could recognize him, and this is not him.

                Mr. CORNWELL. We would like to show you what has been previously admitted into evidence in this case as Exhibit 194. As you can see, Senor Azcue, the pictures on the right are simply blowups of the same visa application, but I would like to direct your attention to the two pictures on the left which come from photographs taken by the Dallas Police Department.

                I ask you if that individual looks like the man who visited the consulate?

                Senor AZCUE. I would have never recognized him as I did not recognize him in the movie where he dies, and I can, however, identify him as or think of him as the person who was killed or assassinated by Ruby. It is a question of personal evaluation on my part. But it is very clearly imprinted.

                Mr. CORNWELL. The staff of the committee has had an opportunity to speak to Mrs. Sylvia Duran, and during the interview with her she expressed no doubt about the fact that the person who was killed in Dallas by Jack Ruby was the individual who visited the consulate.

                Do you have any reason to question her memory or the reason that her memory might differ from yours?

                Senor AZCUE. Categorically, I could not affirm it without any doubt. However, it is possible that she might be more susceptible to impression or more impressionable than I. I remember what I saw on the film and also what I saw on TV later or maybe before. I remember that moment when he was killed and I remember I did not recognize him. I did not have any prejudices or preconceptions.

                I wanted to recognize, however, only 2 months had gone by. It was between September and November. At that time I was much younger. That was 15 years ago, and I think that because of my own profession I probably had better eyes. And because of the impression that was made by this person who visited the consulate, for these reasons, maybe my version is correct or more correct.

                Mr. CORNWELL. Thank you. I have no further questions.

                Chairman STOKES. At this point the procedure will be as follows: The Chair will recognize the gentleman from North Carolina, chairman of the Kennedy subcommittee, Mr. Preyer, for such time as he may consume, after which the committee will operate under the 5-minute rule.

                The Chair recognizes Mr. Preyer.

                Mr. PREYER. Thank you, Mr. Chairman. Mr. Azcue, it is good to see you again.

                As I understand it, at the time Lee Harvey Oswald visited the consul in Mexico there were three people who could have seen him:  yourself, Sylvia Duran and Mr. Mirabal. Is that correct?

                Senor AZCUE. That is correct.

                Mr. PREYER. And you were the consul at that time and Mr. Mirabal was in training to replace you as consul?



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In HSCA Volume X page 22 Loran Eugene Hall DENIES that he was ever at Silvia odio's. 



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