The Warren Commission Repeatedly Lied.

See examples below.

Page 644 of WCR (below)

Proven Lie below.

  Reliability of ammo. From page 646 of the WCR.

Proven Lie as evidenced below.

So, WHERE did "Reliable ammo" come from?


Page 647 of WCR (below)


Admitted evidence tampering above.

Also see

Page 648 of WCR (below)

Official records Prove "X" is a Lie.

Baker gave FIVE (5) Different accounts of that lunchroon encounter.



Official Records Prove "Y" is a Lie.




Page 649 of WCR (below)

"X" is a Lie.

Witness Howard Brennan gave a description of the shooter's clothing along with a physical description. (see testimony)

BRENNAN  Volume III pages 143-144


Mr. BELIN. Could you describe the man you saw in the window on the sixth floor?

            Mr. BRENNAN. To my best description, a man in his early thirties, fair complexion, slender but neat, neat slender, possibly 5-foot 10.

            Mr. BELIN. About what weight?

            Mr. BRENNAN. Oh, at--I calculated, I think, from 160 to 170 pounds.

            Mr. BELIN. A white man?




Page 145


            Mr. BRENNAN. Yes.

            Mr. BELIN. Do you remember what kind of clothes he was wearing?

            Mr. BRENNAN. Light colored clothes, more of a khaki color.

            Mr. BELIN. Do you remember the color of his hair?

                                                            Mr. BRENNAN. No.

NOT a description of Oswald

WHY wasn't this description included in the DPD APB?

Building Superintendant Roy Truly supposedly gave Oswald's name as MISSING.

WHY wasn't his name sent out in the APB?

Page 650 of WCR (below)

For "Z" See

For "Z-1 See

Page 651 of WCR (below)


Total LIES, See

Page 651 from the WCR (below)

"X" above is a Toatl LIE.  See Total LIES, See

"Y" is another LIE See Total LIES, See

Also see

Also see



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